Saturday, February 4, 2012


The biggest problem with drawing this series of illustrations is the time available.The place where i work at also publishes an evening edition, that is why i need to complete my job before 5pm.When i received that assignment, it was already 12:30 noon. minus off half an hour for lunch, i have a time frame of about four hours.Although time is limited, i feel that it is a chance to really make use of our abilities and experience.
Due to the illegal nature of the subject that i was working on, i couldn't find any on-the-scene photos on the subject matter.By contacting the reporter who was in charge of researching that matter, i started searching on the internet for pig rearing and pig slaughtering related websites. I've downloaded some pictures from those sites and modified them for my own use.
The first time i sent the draft copy of my work to the said reporter, he requested me to change the picture of the drum used for placing dead pigs. To draw the container as drum shaped, and not as "tube" shaped.The second time round, the modification was even more difficult. He felt that the picture showing the pig in a a complete shape was not accurate, it should be cut into small pieces instead.
Due to the time constraint, i couldn't modify it in time for the evening edition.It was only in the morning edition that i could get the illustration ready as per what the reporter requested.
( Translated by Jerome )